Monday, April 13, 2015

S1 Mini Crane Lifting Wall Panels

The S1 Model portable crane being utilized to construct walls in a prison/correctional facility. The small footprint and portable design allows lifts inside within confined spaces.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Aviation Crane Hoists: aircraft, helicopters, aerospace ground support equipment(GSE)

Mini Cranes and Portable Hoists Help Private and Commercial Airlines and Aviation Industries

Used for Ground support equipment(GSE), Smart-Rig portable cranes save time and money when repairing, building or maintaining aviation equipment such as planes, aircraft, helicopters, aerospace products. Fast and efficient, mobile and versatile mini cranes can be used in facilities for light weight and heavy lifting applications. Manual crank hoists, electric winches or battery powered models are available.

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Portable Mobile Mini Cranes for Sale California

Smart-Rig Cranes offers two small crane models available for easy pick-up in California - or quick freight to your door, port, airport or jobsite.

California industrial construction is benefiting off Smart-Rig lift products and materials handling equipment in a big way, saving time and money on job bids, and saving injuries at work.

The T1 or S1 model are pick and carry portable rigging units helping HVAC, Glazing, Steel/Iron, paper, manufacturers, Aircraft/helicopter, maintenance and repair and Commercial and residential building contractor's eliminate worker comp. claims and save time and money.

Smart-Rig Cranes has a compact, yet versatile solution to your narrow and tight area, or restricted access lifting needs.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Shop Cranes, Engine Hoists, Portable

Smart-Rig offers two model shop cranes for facility use. A full power battery powered/hydraulic S1 Model, or electric or manual T1 Model. The patented technology allows overhead lifting and rigging in tight spaces, narrow areas within your shop, warehouse or facility.

Made in the USA, with USA made parts, Smart-Rig serves small and big businesses with modern, small, portable and compact lift machinery for residential or commercial construction.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Summer Sale on Portable Floor Cranes and Shop Cranes, Engine Hoists

Smart-Rig Cranes is introducing new summer pricing for the T1 Model electric or manual hand crank mobile floor crane or roof top crane.

The T1 mobile shop crane can fit through a door and inside an elevator, repair parts, used in maintenance, or for hard to lift areas in your facility or construction jobsite.

Smart-Rig Portable Cranes Offers US Veteran Owned Businesses Discounts on Cranes

Smart-rig Cranes recognizes the challenges of small business owners and honor all Veteran owned companies receive a 15% discount on either portable hydraulic lifting crane. Manual, electric or full power 24 volt battery powered.

Our portable lifting equipment helps small business in a big way.

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Manual Multi-Purpose Small Crane, Hand Crank, Hand Pump Hydraulic Boom, Lifting device for Oil Industry & Near Fumes

The Smart-Rig Cranes T1 Model portable lifting boom crane now comes with the option to swap the electric vertical lifting winch/hoist for a manual/hand crank winch, allowing the spark resistant small crane to work near gas, oil, fumes and hazardous areas where electric or batteries may generate a spark.

Utilizing a small footprint to fit through 36 inch doorways/aisles and inside most elevators, and able to break down and adjust to meet tighter solutions, the T1 Model uses a hand pump hydraulic jack to raise the boom. With the manual hand crank winch/hoist the T1 can be procured without a winch and your specialist can choose and mount the most appropriate, or our team can work with your team to determine the best manual hand crank winch option for portable lifting and rigging in your oil related industry or hazardous environment.